Our Work So Far: Page still a Work In Progress!

Below is a listing of the work in chronological order and impact that the team has had throughout Newcastle, covering all of our projects, events and work undertaken. It displays all of what we do, from the small fundraiser to our main projects.

If you want to get involved with any of our work, or have an idea for a project or work we could be doing, please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch!



Operation Rucksack was the first major project that we undertook.

The society fundraised, and used these funds to purchase rucksacks. These were then given to groups of students, to fill with items to be given out to those on the street. The items included hat, gloves, water, biscuits, toothbrushes and toothpaste and more.

After a phenomenal response from the students, we managed to create 20 full ruckscaks of essential items and equipment for those in Newcastle. As our first major project, this was a great outcome, and has paved the way for our ShoeBox appeal of 2018.

Proggy mat project

Our second ever project, this was with the aim of improving sleeping conditions of homeless in Newcastle.

We collaborated with the Marine Science society, and created sleeping mats out of plastic carrier bags. These were durable, insulating and water resistant, meaning that the homeless in Newcastle could use them and keep themselves warmer and drier than before.

Each full sized mat took 200+ bags to make, and a variety of full size sleep on and smaller sit on mats were created. These were then handed out to the homeless and rough sleeper population in Newcastle, as well as given to People’s Kitchen for their team to hand out.

ymca sleepout 2017