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Helping our Homeless Northumbria:

Paying It Forward

Who we are

We are the Northumbria branch of Helping Our Homeless. Set up as Paying It Forward, we joined Helping Our Homeless in February 2019. Since then, we have gone on to take part in collaborative events, fundraisers and projects with the Newcastle Helping Our Homeless team.



Mats Along The Tyne, in collaboration with Northumrbria Enactus. This is where we are making sleeping mats for the homeless out of old carrier bags donated by students and businesses.

The Northumbria Team


Emily Hogan

Northumbria Helping Our Homeless Founder + President


Shannon Straker

Northumbria Secretary


Abbie Dix

Northumbria Treasurer

The Committee

Emily is a 1 st year Law student who enjoys traveling, experiencing new things and spending time with her family and friends.

Abbie is a 1 st year Law student, she enjoys socialising with family and friends.

Shannon is a 1 st year Law student, who has a passion for singing and enjoys taking part in competitions.


Paying it Forward: Helping our Homeless has a growing number of members, from various years and degrees.

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