Helping Our Homeless started off as a society, formed by Matthew Rodrick in his first year at Newcastle University, February 2017. The aim was to get students in the university involved in homeless projects and working with homeless and rough sleepers in Newcastle, raising awareness and education on homelessness, and working to removing the stigma on homelessness.

Since then Helping Our Homeless has gone on to expand massively. Stepping into the role of a wider reaching group with branches in Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, we are aiming to become multi-university organisation, with the aims of working with student groups that are linked with homelessness projects be the best they can be, and give the best help they can.

Through regular work and meetings with Newcastle City Council, Crisis and other groups, we aim to help define the strategy and aims towards homelessness prevention, as well as remove stigma surrounding it.


Our Core Team

Each University we work with has their own committee, running the team and projects at that university. These can be found in the page of each specific university (under branches).

Our core team is responsible for overseeing all the universities, facilitating external collaboration on a large scale, spreading awareness of who we are and ensuring all teams are running smoothly and working towards the same goal.


Matthew Rodrick

President + Founder Helping Our Homeless


Lucy Butcher

VP Helping Our Homeless